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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Evil is Banal
Why is Scholastic, the World's Largest Supplier of Children's Books, giving a Venue to the "Dark Side?"

"On Scholastic’s own website you can find “Powering Your World” developed by Scholastic and API. These lesson plans, with corresponding student handouts even meet the national science standards-based program for grades 6-8. Kids can learn about the “Story of Gasoline” or “Energy in the World.” Oil is used in plastics, medicines and some of children’s favorite items like DVD’s. Students are warned that fossil fuels make up 85% of our nation’s energy sources. What is not discussed is most telling.

No discussion of climate change, the legacy of oil spills, or the need for renewable energy sources. In Activity one, “Make Energy Connections” a word scramble activity uses worlds like: refinery, car, nuclear plant, coal mine, electric generating plant and oil well. How about Chernobyl, strip mine, Exxon Valdez, SUV, fuel cell or windmill? They are all absent. Can’t you hear poor, old Clifford barking, “Say it ain’t so Scholastic?” How could this most trusted provider of children’s books provide legitimacy for the likes of the American Petroleum Institute? "


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