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Sunday, August 22, 2004

More Protesting, Peak Oil, Methyl tertiary butyl ether & SUV's....

NYPD to Shadow 56 protesters -- details on the incredible lengths the NYPD is taking to keep the most radical protestors expected at the Republican Convention under control. Police are now tracking 56 potentially dangerous people. Behave yourself, boys and girls Protesters classified as "terrorists"?!?! Maybe the FBI would be better off monitoring their own government.

"I notice that the peak oil event is starting to get a mention in the more daring print media. This would be good news, if it weren't for the relentlessly Pollyannistic, physically clueless responses being printed alongside to defuse any sense of alarm or urgency.... "

Joyful news from back in 1998 concerning Methyl tertiary butyl ether -- a gasoline additive Yet another oil-orientated timebomb? More recent news article on the topic:
Gas Additive Impacting Drinking Water Throughout U.S. Homeowners need to ensure that they have access to drink-able water, often referred to as "potable" water.

Hypermobility: too much of a good thing?

Right of Way? "As far as the Constitution lays it out, you've got a right to own a gun and to read a newspaper. You certainly don't have a right to drive an SUV. Yet people say this--for instance Senator Kit Bond of Missouri has declared that "government should not interfere with the people's right" to buy the largest SUVs. What right? And is there any chance this will become an issue in the fall presidential campaign? "


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