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Thursday, September 02, 2004

CM News + Cycling safety issues

For the latest on protests at Republican Convention in NY, click here for NY Indymedia updates.

Also, the excellent Scorcher: Bikes Not Bombs! / Bike Blocs (site) has a detailed list of events and media.

Critical Mass News from the UK - Cyclists on the warpath
Environmental campaigners streets of Lancaster took to the on Friday afternoon to protest about the proposed bypass. The Critical Mass groups says the proposed road 'bypasses democracy and destroys the environment'. They got on their bikes and cycled round the city's one-way system at 5pm to make their point. Critical Mass cited the projected cost, the fact that the road would cover 70 hectares of farmland, its proximity to housing (200 dwellings are within 100m of the new road) and many other environmental factors as reasons for opposing it.

UK - Changes to speeding penalties anger road safety lobby
Penalties for marginally breaching speed limits are to be lowered in some cases, Alistair Darling, transport secretary, proposed yesterday, bowing to the chorus of public complaints that the current system is arbitrary, inflexible and shaped to raise taxes rather than create safer roads.

Drive to get Scots on their bikes
A new initiative to promote better health through everyday walking and cycling has been launched by the Scottish Executive. Active Travel Scotland, part of sustainable transport charity Sustrans, will work with local community planners to make it easier for people to walk and cycle.

USA - Bicyclists, motorists reminded to stay alert
In the wake of several serious accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles, the Ocean County Board of Freeholders reminds both bike riders and motorists that they must respect and be alert for each other. "Bicycles and automobiles share the same road and must obey the same rules," Freeholder John P. Kelly said. Recently, bicyclists were involved in two serious accidents within several hours of each other in Brick Township. Both accidents involved adult bicycle riders.

UK - Car Free Day coming to Cook Street Village
The notion of leaving the car at home is not foreign to Fairfield residents, many of whom live close enough to downtown to walk or cycle to work, shop or play.
So the idea of returning the International Car Free Day event to the Cook Street Village seemed a natural for organizers.
'We're not anti-car, it's more pro-people,' says event coordinator Jaye Haworth, one of between 50 and 100 volunteers who will help Fairfield residents and visitors alike celebrate Car Free in the Village from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 19.


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