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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Critical Bee Mass in West Brunswick

Motorists negotiating Melbourne's rush hour traffic have an extra hazard to watch out for tonight - a swarm of bees. Police issued a warning at 5.30 pm (AEST) to motorists travelling through the intersection of Brunswick Road and Fleming Road in Brunswick West to keep their windows wound up until the bees moved on. A police spokesman said officers had been dispatched to monitor the swarm of bees and report on their movements. 'Apparently when it comes to nightfall they sort of calm down a bit,' he said. 'But at this stage we are advising motorists driving through the area to put their windows up.'
How big was the swarm? Did the bees "cork" the traffic? TeeHee, remember the storyline of Phase IV?
We are all just flying home....together......four wheels bad, six legs & wings good.......think I better stop now.