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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Save the Bogan

blackjeanus mulleticus maximus

"First identified as a sub-species during the mid-70s, the Melbourne Bogan is thought to be a close relation of the Booner (found in Canberra's outer suburbs) the Westie (spread throughout Western Sydney), and the Bevan (Bribane).

It is believed the initial Melbourne population was introduced to purpose-built habitats such as Frankston and Dandenong. However, by the mid-80s, the species had multiplied to plague proportions, spreading through much of Footscray and further Western regions. While authorities considered a culling program, they need not have bothered, as the regional population began a rapid decline from the early '90s onwards. The situation has now reached a critical point, with Bogans rarely sighted in Melbourne, and those remaining clinging to the region's outskirts. In the year 2000, the species is now officially endangered. "

And thank the deity for that. Mind you, even after escaping from the Deep South & moving to Melbournes inner 'burbs in 1990, I still like to attire ones self occasionally in cheapo beanies & steel cap boots. Now if I could only figure out how to attach spd cleats to the bottom of my size 6 Blunnies I would be a very happy lady.