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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Ride to Work Day 2004 (tm)

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Yes, share your story of the 2004 edition of RTWD, did you,

- Ride to work because it was an advertised BV event,
- Rode to work regardless of it being an advertised BV event,
- Got a bunch ride going via work/social contacts,
- Popped down to F(r)ed Square for free munchies & entertainment,
- Wanted to ride in but stuff got in the way or used the car/caught PT.
- Something else, please tell….

Ours started off with a trip down to Richmond Town Hall where Yarra Council put on a Cyclists Brekkie & Brunswick Street Cycles had a stall & work stand for minor repairs.

Partook in the usual social pleasantries by chatting away to local cyclists, council staff et al and did a well received presentation of the Wonders of a AirZound2 (under the portico of the town hall, good acoustics!) Later cycled off to F(r)ed Square for a quick visit & chat and then re-commenced ride to work.

Decided to take a short cut through Queen Vic Market, hit a tricky bit of bluestone, tried to dab, but forgot one was clipped in. Duly fell over & dented right knee. Ouch. Got to office, parked bike & started work as pod dweller.

Afternoon, happily reunited with bike, riding home up Queensberry, notice big plume of smoke up ahead. Get off bike, call partner, WTF? Is that near home? Yes, start riding home real fast; get to intersection of Hoddle, fook, that’s really CLOSE. (Damn, freewheel is stuffing up again, too tight after taking out spacer. Note, must go to LBS this weekend.) Get closer, phew, factory on corner of Mollison & Nicholson. Pedal along for a closer look, just like all the other residents milling around. Hmm, spectacular. Get home, pat the cats & cuddle dawg. So, was your day as exciting as this?