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Saturday, October 09, 2004

We Will Reap What We Sow

by Simon Willace Saturday October 09, 2004 at 11:09 PM
They voted, even though some tried to stop them, they were shown the futility of democracy and given a choice but by their very action 80 % were heard this time around…

We were offered too much, because they knew we are only human…in a land with already enough the offer of more was far too much for us to ignore. In the end we were indifferent to the years of lies and purposely ignored all the current deceptions as we voted for extra funds and the promise of secured lifestyles in a cashback return offer…it met our needs for greed.

In the end we no longer cared about WMD or children overboard, as we collectively, instantaneously and decisively turned our backs on poverty in Timor and in one vote we welcomed the destruction of all old growth habitat, it is like the bare mountains of Tasmania a landslide victory assisting only planetary destruction.

Today we immediately welcome CO 2 sequestering allowing underhand future coal dependency instead of following Russia to Kyoto and in so doing we congratulated our nation as the second largest polluter per head in the modern world ….permanently.

We voted for all of this just so that there could be no change at all, no emission reductions, control or use of wind, tide or solar radiation and no way out of war.

Our vote today confirmed and condemned us as consumers of the American way… its our future, there is no more denying and no more Australianizing we are Neo-consumers and this is Australia’s best way to become American.

We will continue to support all wars and occupations… Taiwan Iran and Indonesia will freshen the coming conflicts and directly threaten in the Growing War On Terror culminating and deepening our need to become more involved.

All this went with the package so that our nation and lifestyles can enjoy the economic growth borne from the despair and poverty of others.

There are no sore losers here in the largest state of the American Empire as we have all won, here on this sparsely populated mining island, we are the winners… battle 1.

We will get our spoils of wars, for as long as the price of our sons is worth the cost.

This time we gave Johnny a mandate for war, not GST or Refuges this time… this time it was until death do us part…We will now go all the way with America, but in the end… years from now we will be left alone not because of where we are but because of who we have become.

Well Done


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