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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Something oughta be done about it!

Stop Press - Naughty Cyclists!
UK - Conservative Party - Press release: Conservatives promise action on 'unsafe' cyclists
Conservatives are calling for new laws to tackle the problem of unsafe cyclists who are a danger to others. The Conservative Party will be pressing for a specific new offence banning cyclists from 'using a phone whilst on the public highway' when the Road Safety Bill is introduced in the House of Commons early in the New Year.
Shadow Transport Minister Greg Knight said:

'Far too many cyclists are ignoring traffic lights and a growing number are now using mobile phones whilst on the move. 'These people are not only a danger to themselves but they are a menace to other road users and should be prosecuted.'

Singapore- Pregnant woman almost hit by cyclists
Imagine walking along the middle of a busy road, dodging vehicles that are whizzing past. It's a little like that to walk on the footpath in certain parts of Singapore.

Cyclists jostle for space with pedestrians, and it's not unusual to have bell-ringing bikers make strolling grannies jump aside. Some cyclists are courteous and move carefully through the crowds, but others have an out-of-my-way-or-else attitude.