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Monday, August 23, 2004

Tunnels, RACV Bike Assist, Toxic Dump, Road Rage, Carr, Alternative Fuels, Burning SUV's, RTS, Cyclist Deaths. Don't think I left anything out there?

New tunnels may justify tolls: RACV. The RACV is backing calls for a tunnel to link Melbourne's Eastern and Tullamarine Freeways.The bottleneck at the city-end of the Eastern Freeway is expected to worsen when the Mitcham-Frankston tollway opens in 2008. Local government and transport groups are predicting chaos unless a tunnel is built.

Various groups have been crapping on about versions of this proposed "tunnel" for decades!

Bike Assist RACV has developed a new road service product to assist cyclists who experience difficulties and require roadside assistance.

We were conned , say toxic waste dump opponents. Protesters at the Nowingi site of the State Government's proposed toxic waste dump near Mildura. The Federal Government may order a public inquiry into the plan.

Man accused of road rage shooting. Police have charged a man after three shots were fired at a car in Melbourne's northeast. Police allege the shooting occurred after an argument between the occupants of two cars in Heidelberg Rd, Alphington about 3pm AEST yesterday.

sydney indymedia - webcast news Orange Grove: Carr's history of bending the planning rules feeds credibility gap
.......the Planning Department drafted a Cabinet Minute and asked Minister Bob Carr to take it to Cabinet as a matter of urgency. The recommendations included legislation force industry to get safe, or to get out...The draft Cabinet Minute.. did not go to Cabinet, and no legislation was enacted.....

Interest in alternative fuels : up, but not from Wall Street. When oil prices rise, public interest in alternative energy often does too. Tapping into renewable sources like wind, solar power and hydrogen, which are inexhaustible but far from inexpensive, seems to make more commercial sense when crude oil costs almost $48 a barrel.

Pasadena Star-News - News Ecoterrorism attacks 1 year later: Car dealerships recovering from arson, vandalism. One year ago today, vandals launched one of the most vicious attacks on property in state history in the San Gabriel Valley.

Arrests at capital's Reclaim The Streets demo. Ten protesters were arrested in Cardiff city centre yesterday when a street party turned to chaos.

Deceased cyclists get tribute Yesterday, about 35 cyclists took part in a solemn and silent tribute to cyclists who had been killed or injured while on the roads here. Mr Huang Yu-kang, who organised the "Ride of Silence" said participants kicked off from the Indoor Stadium Waterfront at 8am and arrived at the World Trade Centre 45 minutes later. The Singapore Air Force senior technician said he hoped the procession helped to increase awareness among other road users that "cyclists use the roads", too.

Clayton County police were searching Sunday for the hit-and-run driver who was responsible for the death of a boy who was struck while he was riding his bike.
Pardon paraphrasing a old cliche, but the picture in this article tells a thousand tears.


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