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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Car Free News

Hobart - A group of waterfront businessmen say removing cars from Sullivan's Cove would halve their trade. But they say the State Government is blatantly ignoring their concerns about waterfront development.Four operators yesterday called on the Government to hold a meeting for waterfront business owners before proceeding with development plans.

The "Car Free Day" event, which took place across Europe this week, will not be followed up with effective sustainable transport policies and represents little more than a "street party", activist group Transport 2000 has claimed. The "In Town Without My Car" day, which is part of the wider European Mobility Week campaign, took place yesterday saw and sustainable transport initiatives taking place in numerous cities around the continent. The event allows people to "rediscover the pleasure of walking undisturbed" and councils to assess the impact of traffic issues like air pollution and noise pollution.

Car-free day fails to put the brakes on commuters
More than 100 Swiss towns and cities have taken part in this year's international car-free day, which met with limited success. The "In Town Without My Car" campaign was designed to encourage commuters to leave their cars at home and travel to work by public transport. The French-speaking part of Switzerland took the lead on Wednesday, accounting for around 50 of the 116 municipalities taking part. The total was double the number for last year.

Dozens celebrate 'Car Free Day
Imagine trading in your car keys for a bike. That's what some people in Orange County want more people to do. They celebrated the idea Wednesday during a 'Car Free Day' celebration. The Raging Grannies fashioned their message into song. 'Too many cars, too many cars - They cost too much to keep up with repairs...'

Arcata celebrates Car Free Day for second year in a row
While the Arcata Plaza and Humboldt State University's parking lots were still packed with their normal load of cars, the city sought to get people out of their vehicles on Wednesday.

Govt.'s indifference to Car Free Day is symbolic - Greens
The Green Party has accused the Government of indifference for its poor response to car free day and said that under a Fianna F'il Government people using public transport, bikes or walking would always come off second best to the car.

Car-free day quiets streets around Europe
Hundreds of European cities and towns restricted auto traffic yesterday, part of the continent's annual campaign to lower air pollution by encouraging commuters to use public transportation, bicycles or their feet instead of their cars. More than 1,500 municipalities, mostly in Europe, participated in the seventh annual car-free-day campaign by setting up roadblocks to prevent nonessential automobile traffic from entering city centers. The campaign has spread to cities in Japan and South America.