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Monday, September 06, 2004

Transporting Melbourne and other bits

New driving force behind Melbourne's buses
When Harry Cornwall's boss refused to send buses down the 'dirt tracks' in Melbourne's south-east in 1924, the Gembrook-born war veteran and bus driver started a company of his own. Eighty years later, his one-coach business is Melbourne's largest bus operator.

We'll outspend Coalition on roads: ALP
Road tripping - A federal Labor government would use the $420 million Scoresby Freeway money to outspend the Coalition on other road projects in Victoria such as the Deer Park bypass, Calder Freeway duplication and the Pakenham bypass.

RACV, academics urge more P-plate training
The road to a licence - The State Government is considering making learner drivers complete at least 120 hours of compulsory supervised training. The State Opposition, RACV, and academics claim one way to save lives is for the Government to require learners to complete the supervised training to gain as much experience as possible before receiving a driver's licence.

Hook turns hit suburbs
Melbourne city's famous hook turns will be introduced across the suburbs from next month. Transport Minister Peter Batchelor will announce today sweeping changes in the suburbs to improve tram travel times and reduce traffic congestion. These include right-hand turn bans, tram traffic lights, moving tram stops to the departure side of intersections, hook turns and pedestrian-sensitive crossings."

$80m tunnel plan to solve bottleneck
Two tunnels, each 700 metres long, would be built under the intersection of Springvale and Whitehorse roads in Melbourne's east to ease traffic congestion in an ambitious plan being pushed by the local council.

Poll takes its toll on logic
The only surprising thing about Mark Latham's acknowledgement that tolls on the Mitcham-Frankston freeway were a foregone conclusion was the timing. On Thursday, he used his first Melbourne visit of the campaign to concede there was nothing he could do about the tolls and that he would redirect the $420 million earmarked for the project to other Victoria roadworks.

India - Standardise rules
Driving is increasingly becoming a nightmarish experience in Kerala, and the growing number of road accidents bears testimony to this fact. This is true not only in the cities, but also in towns.


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