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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Jacques Derrida Dies at 74

World-renowned thinker Jacques Derrida , a charismatic philosopher who founded the school known as deconstructionism, has died, the French president's office said Saturday. He was 74. Derrida died at a Paris hospital of pancreatic cancer, French media reported, quoting friends and admirers. The snowy-haired French intellectual taught, and thought, on both sides of the Atlantic, and his works were translated around the world. Provocative and as difficult to define as his favorite subject - deconstruction - Derrida e modern-day French thinker best known internationally.
``With him, France has given the world one of its greatest contemporary philosophers, one of the major figures of intellectual life of our time,'' President Jacques Chirac said in a statement, calling Derrida a ``citizen of the world.''
I never was a an admirer of Derrida but his influence cannot be ignored. Feel the urge to go over to the Dark Side for awhile, slab of vic, packet of winnie blues, draw the curtains & watch Bathurst 1000.
Nooooo! fight back against the darkness, put the basket back on Black Francis, go for a pedal and buy that fucking ice cream that was mentioned earlier. Remember the good news from yesterday, the tourers freewheel will be fixed by Monday, and there's a lovely 48cm 4130 road frame waiting for you to build up with Shimano 600 gruppo, the Bicycling Australia YarraBUG stall you're organising, not everything is going to shit, chin up keep going!!!!