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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Moving around Victoria

remember THIS image from St Kilda Road recently?

Bid to limit speed gauge
Australian-made cars would have speedos capped at 130km/h under a State Government plan to tackle the road toll. Premier Steve Bracks said it made no sense to have cars that could display illegal speeds. 'If you can't go at 240km/h, why have you got 240 on the speedo?' he said yesterday. 'That's the issue, really. Why have that incentive? Why have that inducement?' The idea was labelled naive by carmakers and faces opposition from the Federal Government.

Naive? Why the fcuk would anyone want a car that does in excess of 130km+?
Concept - lets commence R&D into a Car Accident Tour, especially pitched at speed freaks.
"......And now, Ladies & Gentlemen on tonights tour, we've just logged a call from the ambo's. Get ready for a big surprise it's a three car collision on the Western Ring Road - estimated speeds in excess of 130km, now bear witness want the human body looks like after being destroyed in a high speed accident..."
see article below - and image above.

Fresh bid to save young drivers
Road crashes involving young drivers cost the Victorian community $1 billion a year. VicRoads revealed the shocking figure as it prepared to recommend new directions to the State Government to halt the carnage. A recent string of road smashes involving young drivers and the subsequent court sequels have provoked public demands for action. The $1 billion figure takes into account all associated costs, including car repairs, lost work time, medical care and funerals.

Tolls bid revived
Transurban will again ask for $36 million in compensation from the State Government for lost CityLink tolls.The claim, first lodged almost four years ago, was put on hold while Transurban made its bid to build the Mitcham-Frankston freeway.