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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

scary stuff

Trafficking in alarming ways
Our traffic problems are getting worse, according to a recent study by the Institute of Discovering Things That Make You Go 'Duh.' How bad is our traffic mess? Consider these alarming facts:

FACT: Commuting by automobile now takes so long that many workers have no time to do any actual work. When they reach their place of employment, they grab a cup of coffee, spend a few minutes discussing the previous night's episode of 'The Apprentice' with their co-workers, and immediately start the long commute home, unaware that their jobs were outsourced to Asia months ago.

FACT: In the past year alone, commuters whose car radios were tuned to 'classic rock' spent an average of 347 hours - more than two weeks - just listening to the song 'Takin' Care of Business,' by Bachman Turner Overdrive. The statistics are even more chilling for 'Black Magic Woman.'"