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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Trouble at mill

Angry bikies protest
Angry motorcyclists will protest in Melbourne tomorrow to campaign for tougher laws against drunk and careless motorists. They will rally outside the Magistrates' Court in the first in a series of noisy demonstrations. The protest was spurred by a magistrate's decision last week to allow a female driver accused of killing a motorcyclist while drunk to remain on the road.

From NY:
Critical Mess
You don't have to be a biker to realize that over the last several years, the monthly Critical Mass ride, which attracts thousands of bicyclists, never caused the slightest bit of trouble while making a clear point about energy alternatives, pollution and traffic congestion.
That is, until the GOP showed up.

Cyclists Spokes-Man Rips Cops
Members of an environmental group charged yesterday that they were unfairly targeted by cops who on Friday arrested 33 participants in the organization's monthly bike ride. Riders said an overwhelming number of cops created a hostile environment for the 1,000- strong night ride.

Hot Town, Summer in the City
Infoshop News - RNC REDUX: Anarchist Analysis of the 2004 RNC Protests
The Republican National Convention was the ultimate slight to New York: those who made careers and a quick buck off the September 11th events returned to feast like vultures on the corpses of the dead, attempting to rally support for a failing war and a disastrous regime by parading around near the site of Ground Zero. As one might suspect, there were going to be protests, courtesy of an amalgamation of New Yorkers and out-of-town protesters, direct action anarchists and anti-war pacifists, community groups and Marxist sects. The question of the hour was: Were the protests going to bring the house of cards down?

Controversial Dutch filmmaker shot dead
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A controversial Dutch filmmaker accused by Muslims of ridiculing their religion has been stabbed and shot dead on his bicycle, shocking the Netherlands where the murder was denounced as an attack on free speech.

S. KOREA. 11.02/Last week 's struggle report... : Argentina Indymedia (( i ))
On Tuesday, October 23, KCTU organized in the afternoon a bicycle demonstration to support the struggle of irregular workers. As already reported, since long time irregular workers here - a large number of S. Korean workers have no contracts, no health insurance, no labor rights and just small wages - are fighting for transforming their jobs into regular work places. The bicycle demonstration was leading from downtown Seoul to Yeongdeungpo, actually a really long route and when you know about the traffic chaos in the city, alone the motorcycle express deliver service drivers - with goodwill you can call them traffic rowdies - are highly dangerous, you can imagine that this was a kind of hardcore tour.