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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bicycle News

Creation of a safe training route for cyclists will be a priority under a new bicycle plan adopted by Warrnambool City Council. The plan covers a variety of issues, but the need for a safe training route for competitive cyclists has been highlighted as a main priority.

The center of business. The center of innovation. The center of education. Since 1981, the global cycling community- the thousands of manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, buyers, media, and industry influencers- have made Interbike the center of cycling. Yep, its bike porn as we know it, it's Interbike time again....

Silent procession honors dead bicyclists
Except for the occasional sound of shifting gears or of fallen leaves crinkling under wheels, nearly 50 cyclists, wearing black armbands over a colorful array of bike jerseys, rode in a silent procession from Nyack's Memorial Park to the end of the Piermont Pier.The four-mile ride was held as a memorial for two Rockland residents who were killed by vehicles while riding their bicycles on roads.

Seoul's pedal pushers set off a chain reaction
'Build it and they will come.' While probably not the same voice that urged Kevin Costner's character to build a baseball ground in an Iowa cornfield in 'Field of Dreams,' the Seoul Metropolitan Government may just have heard this dictum whispered from the reeds lining the Han River when they decided to establish the extensive network of bike paths that line this city's watercourse.

Bikers pedal for cleaner air
Group makes case on the streets of Chilean capital Riding bicycles `reduces traffic and air pollution' A cacophony of whistles, chanting and bicycle bells competes with the noise of evening rush-hour traffic, as 400 cyclists snake through the downtown of Chile's capital city. This, like the first Tuesday night of every month, is the highlight for Chile's Furiosos Ciclistas (Raging Cyclists) - a hodgepodge of naturalists, environmental activists and cycling addicts who take their passion to the streets of Santiago to rally for bike paths and promote cycling to help clean up this smoggy and congested capital.