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Thursday, December 02, 2004

CM9 Roundup - Melbourne Indymedia

CM9 Photos
Photos from the 9th anniversary ride of Melbourne Critical Mass by urbanbicyclist. There were 3 attendance counts of this ride (Michelle:414, Juz: 418, Tony: 436)

Eureka 150 years: Howard snubs Australian history
Mark Latham last night celebrated the spirit of Eureka and criticised John Howard and the Coalition for missing its symbolism and significance.

Critical Mass: Photos from 9th Birthday Ride
A great crowd turned up for critical mass on friday to celebrate 9 years riding for ecological sustainability. Unfortunatley the burnley tunnel didn't happen. Maybe next time?

start of critical mass bike ride
The 9th birthday ride got off to a great start, though someone else will have to fill in on how it ended ....

Victorias finest...Keystone Kops
I'm assuming there have been no arrests at the critical mass and so Victorias police have, once again made a complete ass of themselves.

Critical Mass: 150 Police to Ensure City Link Profits
Victorian police, led by Super Intendant Mick Williams, have vowed to prosecute and even jail riders attempting to cycle through City Link's Burnley tunnel this Friday. The ride, dubbed "the tunnel of love" is due to leave the State library at 5.30pm to celebrate Critical Mass's 9th birthday. 150 police are reportedly on stand by to prevent the tunnel ride from happening.

Cyclists riding in tunnel protest face jail
Cyclists who ride through the Burnley tunnel with protest group Critical Mass will face arrest and up to five years' jail under a police crackdown.