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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Cycling Stuff

Buffers for bike lanes
Beefed-up bike lanes with special barriers between cars and cyclists are planned for Melbourne streets. Melbourne City Council is considering a $400,000 trial of special 'safe lanes' along the stretch of Swanston St linking the CBD and Melbourne University. Under the scheme, bike lanes are moved closer to the footpath, with special median strips providing a buffer from parked cars and traffic.

Thanks to Tim Stredwick for forwarding on this news item:
From Velorution

They need their head examined
The British Medical Association has reversed their position on compulsion of wearing helmets by adults riding bicycle. In 1999, an BMA report, penned by Mayer Hillman (a 70-year old cyclist who looks 20 years younger), argued that the health benefits derived from cycling far outweigh the risks of injuries; helmet compulsion would have a negative effect on the number of
people cycling, and the net societal result is likely to be higher mortality.

One wonders how much cycling Vivienne Nathanson, the author of the new report, does; one suspects she is a motorist because she does not recommend helmet wearing by motorists, even though it could save more lives.

BikeBiz, in an
excellent article, also points out the shoddiness of the new report:
"Recent evidence has indicated that the introduction of compulsory legislation does not have a significant negative effect on cycling levels," claimed a BMA position paper, neglecting to cite a source for the "recent evidence" even though the rest of the position paper is littered with
footnote sourcing.

BikeBiz has started an online petition:
"I would like to add my name to the list of folks opposed to the recent helmet compulsion decision handed down by the Board of the Directorate of Professional Activities of the British Medical Association.