cfsmtb in low earth orbit

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

You Lucky Bastard!!!!

devotees pray to the bicycle gods

Mark Rhomberg has got 'the right stuff.'
Like the air force test pilots in the writer Tom Wolfe's account, who flew new and experimental jet fighters to the limits of the earth's atmosphere and of their own endurance, Rhomberg pushes his speed chariots to the limit. But he rarely gets much higher in the air than his hometown of Boulder, Colorado, which sits at around a mile, or 1,600 meters, above sea level. A lifelong bicycling enthusiast, Rhomberg today is one of a small breed of bicycle test pilots, putting new bicycles and bike components through rigorous tests on the road and in laboratories to gauge their endurance, reliability and safety. His clients are the legion of specialty bicycle parts makers catering to the high-end bike market. There are no engines on Rhomberg's bikes, but boy, does he have fun.

Manitou bicycle forks recalled
Answer Products, Inc., of Valencia, Calif., has recalled 8,032 Manitou Bicycle Suspension Forks because when compressed they may create a hazard.

Maybe Mark should of had the job of thrashing the crap out of the above mentioned forks?