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Thursday, December 02, 2004

CM9 Roundup - Melbourne Media

FD, his fixie & Ms Keyte!

Jail threat forces late back-pedal
Traffic was given a reprieve from radical cyclists last night when they abandoned a ride through the Burnley tunnel.Police had warned Critical Mass cyclists on last night's ninth birthday ride that they could face fines or jail if they tried to enter the tunnel.

Cycling crackdown discourages protest... maybe
A threatened police crackdown on cyclists taking part in this evening's Critical Mass protest in Melbourne appears to be having the desired effect with protestors indicating they wish to avoid confrontation.

On your bikes
At last the police have done what they should have done in the first place - invoked the law to stop the radical cyclist action group Critical Mass from repeatedly disrupting Melbourne traffic.

Police vow to stop cycle of protest
Radical cyclists planning to clog the Burnley tunnel on Friday face fines or even jail.In a tough new stance, police say they will stop cyclists from action group Critical Mass entering the tunnel for a planned pro-bike, anti-car demonstration. And police say they plan to prosecute those flouting the law.

Cyclists riding in tunnel protest face jail
Cyclists who ride through the Burnley tunnel with protest group Critical Mass will face arrest and up to five years' jail under a police crackdown.