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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Cycling along - good news from Japan, US & Europe

Takashi Kosugi: New law would pump up cycling's `cool' factor
Bicycles that do not consume gasoline provide an economic means of transportation. Since they don't discharge exhaust fumes, they are environmentally friendly. They are also a good way to keep physically fit, do not require a license nor take up a large parking space like cars, which cost as much as 100 times to buy.

Judge: 'Critical Mass' Bicyclists Don't Need Permit
Bike Rally Arrests Began 2 Days Before GOP Convention
NEW YORK -- The city's bid to force cyclists to obtain a parade permit for a monthly Manhattan bicycle rally that has resulted in hundreds of arrests since summer was dismissed Thursday by a federal judge. U.S. District Judge William H. Pauley III said he tossed out the city's lawsuit because police had not required the Critical Mass rallies to have permits for nearly a decade until officers began arresting riders two days before this summer's Republican National convention. In addition, he ruled, police had for years aided the rally by blocking cross-town intersections to allow cyclists to proceed without interruption and by letting them run red lights.

The Bicycle Man Makes Christmas Dreams Come True
Christmas came a couple of days early for hundreds of children in Cumberland County. The man affectionately dubbed 'The Bicycle Man' held his annual bicycle give-a-way Thursday. For the past 9 years, Moses Mathis has been on a crusade of sorts. He and his volunteers spent the year fixing up donated bikes for this special day. 'Well I know I'm giving out 749 and 52 computers. And I'm hoping that next year I can double that.'

Dutch Pioneer Corporate Bike to Rival Company Car
In a nation with more bicycles than people, two Dutch entrepreneurs are selling the concept of a company bike, as an alternative to the much more expensive company car that clogs up roads and cities. Although most Dutch citizens own a bike, very few in the big cities have ever ridden one that is comfortable, safe and never gets a puncture, the duo reckoned. Some 80,000 bicycles are stolen every year in the capital Amsterdam alone, according to the national Cycling Union, which explains why most people rarely fork out more than $65 on a rusty third-hand bike with no lights and a creaking chain.

Jill doesn't just dance, she cycles too
Perhaps Strictly Come Dancing winner Jill Halfpenny will cycle to her new job as one of the two female leads in Chicago in London's West End? She's just one of the cycling celebs in our irregular look at who's whom on two wheels. For instance, Condor Cycles can confirm Mick Jagger rides and Chris Tarrant does so with his wife (Tarrant's wife, that is, they've just bought a tandem...) Forget stretch-limos, a growing list of film stars, rock legends and leaders-of-the-free-world take to two-wheels for speedy, paparazzi-free transport and, of course, to keep their figures in trim.