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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Moving around something, again

Bus is born again, says transport head
Victoria's new director of public transport, Jim Betts, says Melburnians wait too long for buses but believes the city will experience a "bus renaissance" within three to four years. He says trains and trams are important to Melbourne but buses are the city's future.


No end to sprawl
Plans to limit Melbourne's sprawl and to tempt 20 per cent of people to use public transport by 2020 are doomed to fail, new research shows. The great Australian dream of owning a big suburban home and multiple cars is flourishing in Melbourne, the survey shows.

...and this totally stinks...

Fumes testing station won't reopen
One of two monitoring stations set up to check the impact of car exhaust fumes from the CityLink tunnels on nearby suburbs has been shut down for more than a year and will not reopen. The station at Madden Grove, Burnley, monitored air quality from the Burnley tunnel ventilation stack between Coppin and Rooney streets, Richmond, but closed in November last year after Translink Operations' lease for the site expired. Translink is a subsidiary of CityLink.


Payouts to 209 drivers
The State Government has started paying out $6 million in compensation to drivers who lost their licences because of faulty digital speed cameras on Melbourne's Western Ring Road. The Department of Justice has sent formal letters offering compensation payouts to 209 drivers who applied for ex gratia payments for loss of income as a result of having their licences suspended after being caught speeding by the faulty cameras. the trough....

Why it is possible to remove freeway tolls
It will not cost billions of dollars to remove tolls on the Scoresby freeway and the Bracks Government knows it, writes Robert Clark. Russian revolutionary Vladimir Ilich Lenin is reputed to have said that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.The Bracks Government is relying on this maxim with its repeated claims that "independent advice" shows it would cost $7 billion to remove tolls from the Scoresby freeway.