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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Big Jonny down

Brace yourself my dear, we bear bad news from the US of A
Dear loyal readers,
Sad news on the DC front. The man himself, Big Jonny, was struck by an automobile on his way back from the Saturday group ride and is currently in the hospital with multiple lumbar fractures (fortunately, no paralysis) and severe road rash. Big Jon was legally in the bike lane at approximately 12:15pm and was hit squarely from behind on an uphill section of the road by a sedan traveling approximately 55mph. The driver left the scene but has now been apprehended and charged with felony hit and run due to the diligence and efforts of multiple other drivers on the road who witnessed the collision.

Jon is currently in good spirits and is expected to make a full recovery. An unforeseen, yet fortuitous, byproduct of this horrific incident has been the opportunity to have numerous conversations with Jon while he is under the influence of numerous pain killers.
Fucksocks!!!! A huge **Get Well Swiftly** goes out from this household to Jonny. Certainly will be having a few bevvies to his recovery.
Snake: “So is there anything you need?”
Big Jon: “Three Asian girls would be great.”
DC - typically non-PC as ever, but he's gonna be angry, angry, angry when he gets back online. You can help quell that anger by bypassing Jonny's overflowing email inbox, and instead, conveniently post a cheery message on the DC forum.


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