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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Instant Carma

Fully sicOh no you're not

Tales from this evenings commute homewards..

First Incident: Intersection of Burwood & Glenferrie
Moi and steed are waiting for signal to change. Twunt alongside on right, loudly revs engine of their late model Conformadore. Lights change, twunt then proceeds to accelerate across the intersection, then attempts to turkey slap swerve at moi and steed. Twunt suddenly realises they should return to the city-bound lane, or face rear ending a parked car, over corrects, and almost side swipes another vehicle. The other vehicle sounds the horn & shakes fist at twunt. Moi and steed swiftly escape onto the next challenge..

Second Incident: Burwood Road riding towards Hawthorn Station
Moi and steed are happily freewheeling down the hill. A second twunt, sitting in a parked red plastic bubble thing, flings open his drivers side door, swings his right arm out onto the rear door. (counterbalancing? go figure) However, he hasn't used enough force, either to open the door, or knock me off the bike. Door swings back, towards him. I fleetingly caught the
rapidly receding image, of this second twunt, getting his right arm/hand jammed in the drivers side door. Oooooo ... that's gonna leave a mark.

Moral of story (if any)
1. Don't do stupid things, as they may rebound curious ways.
2. Read above.
3. Don't fuck with me. Or the bike.


  • There's proof that we constantly underestimate Neanderthal Man: he is actually intelligent enough to drive a car. But he's still not intelligent enough to do it well.

    By Blogger Treadly&Me, at 12:35 pm, July 13, 2006  

  • And people actually wondered why I was an angry man..
    ('splainashun: I worked at that very intersection for 5 years)

    Nice escapage (sure it's a word!) cfsmtb. Stay a lert peeps!!

    By Blogger hippy, at 6:33 am, July 14, 2006  

  • I hope he busted his wrist.

    Go you twunt beater you!!

    By Blogger Armagnac Esq., at 11:57 am, July 14, 2006  

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