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Friday, June 09, 2006

Not quite gone for a Tosca

Remember sharing?
If you're of a certain age you might just get the reference in the title. If not, who cares and I'm not going to explain it. So, where have we been spending our misspent time other than fiddling around with the joys of blogspot?

Short answer is, fiddling around with the joys of Wordpress. It's a marvellous platform after wrestling with blogger. And if I get ones 'proverbial in a pile', this here blog might just migrate over there too. But I've been whinging about that for ages. First up, the Bicycle Justice blog has been painstakingly given a nice scrub, polished and re-assembled at this here internerd address: The new all improved Wheels of Justice site, along with numerous other tasty morsels of information will provoke and hopefully illuminate cyclist and non-cyclist alike. This week has seen the commencement of: Get cycling on the agenda: TAC Road Safety site.

The early feedback on this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, and in the longterm I hope it does score the result we're after. Like why do relevant authorities still maintain a piss-poor attitude towards service delivery or providing cohensive cycling information? Most of us are only too painfully aware of the comfy motherhood statements and nonsensical crap that gets trotted out time and time again to cover up the cracks or fill a void, in lieu of real legislation, awareness and education.
Parroting away
Too hard? Too hard to think past the dominant paradigm of car culture? Or is it due to a local version of the "
American Toy-Bicycle Syndrome"
The Toy-Bicycle Syndrome began in the 1950's and is based upon the concept of bicycling as children's' play activity, which in fact it largely was in the America of 1950. In the 1970's a fitness-crazed adult American public discovered the modern lightweight 10-speed bicycle and the "bike boom" began. Millions of cyclists took to the roads and panic set in with motorists and transportation planners that had long held the belief that bicycles belonged on sidewalks. Thirty years later, those same concepts prevail and control the American bicycling environment.
Salient points indeed, although I'll agree that some of the Effective Cycling material can translate as too strident. You should lurk on the Chainguard list and read the codger tanties..

This week has actually seen numerous
POSITIVE cycling articles being published in the media. Good Lord, the horror! the horror! Neil Mitchell must surely be waking from a terrible repetitive nightmare ... a huge peloton of Peter Batchelors .. all attired in matching Cipollini-style skinsuits .. bearing down on him in a certain South Melbourne carpark .... arrggggggggggg

Yes, in jolly ol' Melbourne, we're apparently in the grip of a commuter cyclist boom, the United Kingdom has undergone a revolution and Toby admits to wearing lycra in a public place. On a similar theme, I can envisage future articles with similar titles, such as .. "Me and My Baboon pants", "The Truth about Chamois" and "I was a Goth twenty years ago, now I wear Fluoro with Pride". Sadly, I''ll 'fess up and mention the last one is true.

Community Cup 2005 - Goat3Tempting a REAL Goat with a Goat Beverage. Please note: The Goat was not unduly disturbed or personal space transgressed

Three more sleeps until Split Enz. Right that's it fer now, I'm off for a tosca. Or see ya down the Community Cup with the crack PubBUG Drinking Team.


  • re tempting the goat with it's eponymous beverage: the goats I know, would all prefer eating the container.

    I just pedalled over (cautiously) to say thanks for your visit at my place and to report (sloppily, due to being in the middle of moving house) that a nitwit operating a motor vehicle knocked a woman from her bike in Ballarat in the recent few days. One must be uber-vigilant always.

    By Blogger Brownie, at 12:00 am, July 01, 2006  

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