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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tour of Romandie. And Bjarne Riis humps donkeys

KaiserJanLet the Heras have his Veulta, and let the Basso and the Salvodelli have their Giro. But the Tour? The Tour is mine.

The Kaiser throws down the gauntlet
Oh, do not being getting the Jan wrong, there has been much weeping and gnashing of teeth as I flow down over the peloton like the hot pink spectre of doom and pestilence that all men know me to be. But the true crushing has not yet done the beginning in earnest. Only once will I open the portal to pain and death and rain down a storm from the darkest of hells upon the peloton. That will be in the July, of course.
Hey Jan, just lay off the pies and learn to spin. Now I'm off to listen to Laibach & Killing Joke whilst valiantly tackling the weekend housework.

Steering away from road cycling shenanigans, here's an intriguing report from ITDP regarding the possibility of defining bicycles as environmental goods in World Trade Organisation negotiations.

Current efforts to designate bikes as “environmentally preferable products” free of tariffs and other trade barriers have gone largely unnoticed by the international bicycling community.


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