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Monday, April 03, 2006

And Cats and Dogs Will Walk Side by Side

Mark and LanceMark and Lance

If you haven't wised up to the fact that cileo's last post was APRIL FUELS DAY JOKE, here's one even more potentially surreal for those who don't know about Mark Webbers extra curriculum activities.
F1 star lobbies for increased awareness and respect for cyclists. This is bloody terrific news in helping to assist breaking down those barriers and improve road conditions for all road users. It will be fascinating to observe whether this pluralistic attitude will have a longterm influence upon Aussie motorists behaviour. Onya Mark!

Another local example of bicycle-revhead convergence,
NillumBUG a new Melbourne bicycle user group are working together with the Peter Brock Foundation. Sign of things to come? Anyway for those who may get their knick(er) s in a knot over such things, the auto industry got it's start from shared technology developed by the bicycle craze of the late 1800's.

Webber urges drivers: watch for bicycles
Formula One star Mark Webber has urged Australian motorists to take a leaf out of the European book and pay more attention to cyclists on the road. Webber, who admits to being a huge cycling fan, said while motorists in Victoria had improved in their attitude towards cyclists in the last five years, the rest of the country was not so patient.

"Sometimes road users may not have an idea how much room a cyclist needs," said Webber, who is a patron of the Amy Gillett Foundation, launched in Melbourne. "I've ridden my bike in many different parts of the world, the culture is different in Spain, in Italy and in the UK, and in Victoria the culture is very, very good. "But there's probably other parts of Australia where (cyclists) are not as well accepted." The foundation has been set up in memory of the Australian cyclist who was killed by a motorist while training with five teammates in Germany in July 2005. It aims to promote a safe relationship between cyclists and motorists, provide an annual scholarship for emerging female cyclists and help the five women injured in the crash. Up and coming cyclist Jessie Maclean, from Canberra, is the first recipient of the scholarship.

Other reading material for your perusal: the Melbourne April BikeFun calendar is out. All rides go at social pace, run rain or shine, and are free. For submissions, email: To subscribe to the electronic version of BikeFun,
Celluloid Cycles a festival of bicycles on film kicks off this week at Kaleide Theatre, RMIT University, Swanston Street, Melbourne (b/w La Trobe St and the City Baths) See you there!


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