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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Too much bike fun!

clip_image002Our BigPoo internerd service currently thinks it's a teapot & unfortunately I'm forced to utilise the services of a internerd cafe with Fox-FM, car noise and car fumes. Such fun. Fuck I hate IE. Anyway I'm now going to attempt at least six separate threads and/or reminders into one and test your reading and analysis skills. Big breath, here goes ....

1. aus.bicycle spoke cards.Yes we're been busy out in the shed and those cards are almost finished. So to those of you with pre-orders, we haven't forgotten about you. Should have the printing & laminating component done bynext week.

2. Tomorrow night YarraBUG are having a genteel ride around the Capital City Trail, perusing the "Fish" on the Yarra, being *dreadfully nice* to the pedestrians strolling along Southbank and then continuing along to Docklands for a cuppa & meal. So gently stretch your legs and partake in a small PR exercise down in Southbank along the way. Hi all, time to saddle up and come along to our next midweek ride details as follows. Meet 6.30pm at Dights Falls to ride to Docklands and return to inner northern suburbs, estimated ride time 1 hour 40 minute + coffee/meal time a bit extra. Or at your leisure! Please bring bike lights and lock, helmet, adequate clothing. Email cfsmtbATgmailDOTcom

3. PubBUG/Wheels of Justice GOATAGE - this Friday 24th March at Mountain Goat Brewery in Burnley. Start possibly at 6pm or when we can be stuffed.

4. Invitation Sat 25th, March 10am - 4pm Doing our bit to celebrate the Commonwealth Games, Charlie and Paul invite you to an Open Day at Farren Bike Collection. View the amazing and wonderful Farren Historial Bicycles and Tricycles specially smarted up for the occassion! plus coffee and coissants. 131 Brighton Street, Richmond. Melways ref 58 F1. Check out the Commonwealth Games cyclists trying out the nearby road race course between 8 - 10 am before the main race on Sunday 26th, then drop in for chat or stay all day!

5. Sunday 26th - Comms Games Road Cycling. YarraBUG are having another genteel ride, meeting up at 8am at Suede Bar, 284 Smith Street, Collingwood to ride down to the course. Now a few other planned events spring to mind, ie: the Wheels of Justice "Alexis Rhodes Cheersquad". Now here's an idea or two. Wear a glitter wig, paint crappy cardboard signs with clag and glitter enblazoned with ALEXIS ROCKS or ALEXIS IS MY HERO or similar. The plan is, if we're visually silly enough, we may appear on telly. Whatdoyathink?!? We are currently discussing on the PubBUG list a suitable meeting point, and an offer for storage place for our bikes.

6. From bikefunnist: Sun 26 Mar – The Critical Criterium 2pm - Carlton Gardens Fountain. Come reveal you inner legendary cyclist. For all those who decided not to ride in the Commonwealth Games this year, here is the ride for you! Picnic, beverages and medal presentation after. (superhero costumes and lycra encouraged) organisers: moose & chicken and lollyman


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