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Friday, February 10, 2006

We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town

The Emperors new clothesBeep beep ... the Emperors new clothes

There's something wrong. We're losing ground. I don't hear people talking about fun and enjoyment. I hear radical, gnarly, fast, suspended, Lycra, titanium. I don't hear sensing, the environment, and feeling." - Bob Seals

Mine's a pint: a preposterous excuse for a Porsche
... They were all being ridden not so much by people who needed to get somewhere but by people who wanted to draw attention to themselves. How can I be so sure? Because they were all in fancy dress, and you appear in public in fancy dress only because you're trying to make a statement. It's why Fathers for Justice always turned up as Spiderman.
My first impression was that James May comes across akin to a whingy teenage who's got all pissypants about his fave indy band becoming fashionable. But I'll concide he's on the mark about carbon fiber arts n' crafts. Before you get your arse out of shape about James' P.O.V, he does a stint co-presenting BBC2's Top Gear
. At least the shows producers are listening, after Transport 2000 took aim last year. Hey I'll admit one of my steeds has cf forks but I don't lose sleep at night worrying about my perceived social status due to our bike fleets lack of suitable highend components. Fuck that, and fuck the trendy pseudo competitive crap that's crept into mainstream cycling. Fair enough, if you want to improve overall fitness, commute to work, join a club or organise bunch rides, but shessh, during the last 4-5 years hasn't the wank factor has gone up several notches? Remember folks, there's nothing wrong about choosing to wear clothes that are practical and suit your tastes. Wear your knicks with a favourite tatty tshirt. Wear ankle straps with rhinestones. Wear interesting funky stuff. I'm going to keep wearing my comfy cowboy shirt until it's threadbare. Ride forth with pride. *cough*

I'm waiting for the associated campfollowers/tryhards to move onto the next fad. Then we can look forward with glee to reading Trading Post, eBay & MelbFreecycle for cheaparse gruppos and providing lonely ti frames with good homes. End rant.

Good News: Commonwealth Games cycling events. Lysty is a ticketed event, regardless we're still digging finding a way in, afterall Bikesoiler did assist with the course design and has been industriously building singletrack and improving relations with Parks Vic. Melbourne City Council: On Tuesday, CoM Finance Committee voted YES to $1.9 mill of bicycle infrastructure for the 06/07 budget. The CoM Planning Committee voted YES to putting out Transport Strategy for public comment. But todays Herald Sun poll: Should cars be banned from Melbourne's CBD? If that link doesn't work, goto the homepage .. and peruse righthand column for poll heading.

Trust the Hun not to comprehend even the first sentence of
CoM's press release:
Public Transport, cycling and walking will be
given priority over cars according to the City of Melbourne’s new draft Transport Strategy released today. Fridays whingy editorial. Go ahead, utilise the online voting links if you give a stuff.

Errata: to a certain smartarse yes you cfsmtb DOES NOT translate as "carbon fibre full suspension mountain bike". *boom*tish*


  • Who me?

    Actually, when I thought of "Carbon Fibre MTB", it was because I misspleed your name, and forgot the 's'. But "suspended" works fine there :)

    By Anonymous TimC, at 12:55 am, February 11, 2006  

  • Nah, not you Tim. You coming along to Kew tomorrow? Stupid question at this time of evening. Now back to business,

    Sent this out *almost* 24 hours ago, and the HS hasn't updated their page yet with the poll results. Shall we have to wait until Monday, or have HS got the shits..?


    At 11.49pm the fulltime scores were:

    Should cars be banned from Melbourne's CBD?

    548 68.41% Yes
    253 31.58% No

    Votes so far: 801

    So if there's no final charge or late upset, the Ya's have it. Of
    course, bear in mind it's only a Herald Sun poll. Funny though, when
    compared to the Friday editorial.

    Wiser editorial now needed,5478,18083853%255E24218,00.html


    Melbourne City Council transport policy today reveals how the Herald
    Sun is divorced from reality.

    Readers' opinions of the city's transport system are, that in its
    present state, it is that the bicycle is part of an acceptable
    alternative to the motor car.

    Yet the latest positive development of the Town Hall's pro-sustainable
    transport policy makes it clear that when it come to transport
    policies, the Herald Sun is in cloud cuckoo land.

    The MCC suggests lowering the speed limit to 40km/h, deterring cars
    out of dedicated bus lanes and ensuring motorists share more road
    space, in favour of pedestrians and cyclists.

    The council also suggests blocking new long-term parking spaces and
    offering residents discounted public transport fares if they give up
    parking permits.

    Long-term parkers are already included by the State Government's parking fees.

    But as we report today, the public is ecstatic over the alternative –
    the inexpensive, punctual, and clean transport solution - the bicycle.

    As we have noted before, the Herald Sun, in league with Transurban, is
    embarking on social engineering under pressure from special interest
    groups from the Big End of town.

    Instead we need a solution that leaves people with their right to
    choose whichever form of transport suits them best. And that includes
    the bicycle.

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 10:48 pm, February 11, 2006  

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