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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's not always about the bike

Sunnies!Another one of my myriad of interests is gardening. Here's a flickr pictorial of the front & backyard. It's a not bad effort, considering most of the Beer Can Hill Estate was previously weeds and grass when we started cultivating in October '05.

It was ever so lovely of Mother Nature to deliver a soothing drink last night, hence now everything is positively GLOWING. And the Sunflower Forest is creating a pedestrian traffic jam on our footpath. Must put up a sign from the Sunflower Fairy to stop naughty children, and grownups (who should know better) from nicking them. You see, there's a creche up on the corner...

MushroomsMore Dahlias

Mushrooms in January? WTF?!?
Don't worry - I know WHAT these are & they won't be eaten. On the right: apparently Dahlia's used to be eaten as a potato substitute by French peasants. Or even Dahlia Bread. Um er, we'll think about that...


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