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Friday, January 06, 2006

Off to ride my bike

Just the shot..
We off to Geelong for Amy's Ride this weekend, peruse over at Bicycle Justice. Given this will be only third time I've been on the treadly since the ghastly cat-off - this jaunt is obviously going to be, well, um, a test of courage and willpower over prevailing commonsense.

The road course I've decided upon is only 45km, but my prep has been exceedingly pissweak woeful. Shall now proceed to dose ones self up on carbo's, analgesics & caffeine. Yes, the ribs still hurt. And the nasty cough did nothing to improve my overall fitness levels. This Sunday morn, we might be down at the Docklands round of the Jayco Bay Cycling Classic. Look fer a grumpy chick in a cowboy hat, say hello and then back away quickly. Or if you buy me a coffee, I may become your friend. I like coffee.


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