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Friday, January 27, 2006

Shower, another shower

MelbWinterAug05Trackback to August 05: Beer Can Hill residents sheltering from the elements

Recall Melbourne's August coldsnap? Not surprisingly, that metrological event is kinda hard to envisage right now.
As are heatwaves** such as this, in the depths of winter. Think I've developed into a "three-shower-a-day-girl" in order to keep some level of feminine decorum.

My ripening romas are being parboiled on the vine, corn silks and
tassels crisped off and zucchinis are balloning into mutant seal pups. Regardless of the harsh conditions, the watermelons, sunflower heads, pak choi, rocket, basil, snow peas and 'experimental' sweet potatoes are progressing nicely. Add to that cheery news, I witnessed hoppers bouncing around in a Wandi paddock. What further manifestations and omens of impending pestilence can we expect? Chytrid fungus has wiped out frog populations and I think I incurred a nasty dose of water turning to blood at fortnight ago ... BTW returning to home base - the furry freeloaders are exhibiting the same behaviour as depicted above - they've simply decamped further east and commenced sprawling across the vast expanses of cool cool lino. I need a shandy.

**Additional bit to article, Jeremy Lee was the ABC staffer I raced as part of Jon Faines Transport Blitz


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