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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's ON...for young and old....

Run! Run! Run! I'm gonna get youABC 774: Bicycle vs. Car Commuter Race


Yes, obviously

Wouldn't you be too, if your cycling skills were gonna be broadcast to all and sundry?

May The Force Be With Us

pretty please

Thursday UPDATE: Ride Report: We Are The Champions, My Friends! Refer to above aus.bicycle link for more idle chatter & check the ABC for a podcast. Bicycles ROCK!

Yes, I am a presently a tad overexcitable. Off to have another coffee. If you're around Friday evening, pop down to Goat to hear Jason and I regale our wonderful Salute to Sustainable Transport. Repeatively. Also, we plan to be autographing bikes & kissing babies in the foyer (Does Goat have a foyer? um) Ok, off to brew that coffee and indulge in bit of a silly dance around the place loudly singing "Everyone's a Winner Baby" outta tune et al. Thought you'll enjoy that visual. Or possibly not.

Another Update: Courtesy of MitH, now have a mp3 of the entire shenanigans - Faine & Symons chatting away prior to 7.30am, the 7.45am start with Jeremy & I, the interviews with the *now legendary* FD and cfsmtb. Listen to the mp3 audio file here.

Scary observation...I'm starting to talk eerily like me mum, always tried to avoid radio stuff as I previously tended to squeak like Minnie Mouse. Maybe one is finally (belatedly) maturing in one's late thirties....perish that thought ...


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