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Monday, November 07, 2005

Melbourne is STILL choking

Image from The AgeThe changing face of Melbourne transport: crowded roads today, crowded trains in the 1950s
Road to... where?
For decades, the choice between investing in roads or public transport has been an easy one for state governments - the roads invariably win. Royce Millar examines how the car came to be king. Back in May, the State Government announced a plan that startled many of Melbourne's motorists: in what was sold as a bold initiative to deal with traffic congestion and encourage a shift away from cars, a parking levy would be imposed on the city centre. Most observers assumed that the tens of millions of dollars generated each year would go to promoting the alternatives, such as public transport and bike paths. But they were wrong. (more in article)
Those of us with long memories, (or Critical Mass sticker collections) would recall the 1995 CM stickers enblazened with the slogan 'Melbourne is choking' and words to the effect of "time for some fresh air'. Well, where are we all ten years on?!? Anyone not hiding under a rock would realise THE issue in Melbourne is transport. So has sustainable transport a chance of gaining ground? Or will Melbourne simply grind to a halt via the processes of attrition and economic stupidity?


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