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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

8.1: Thou Shalt Not Steal Bicycles

SaintaaaaasGoing by some of the bike theft tales I've heard over the years, don't be too surprised if the following is taken up as inspiration for a graphic novel. Especially in relation to that poor ol klepto from Geelong....

Cartoon sketch snares robber

......The robber tried to assault Mr Green, then stole a red racing bicycle from the rear shed. As the man rode away the cartoonist watched and then reported the incident. When police arrived, Mr Green offered to draw a picture of the alleged thief. Afterwards, police took the drawing to other officers who had arrested a man for a theft nearby.

"Holding up the cartoon, both members were amazed to find it was the spitting image of the arrested man in the back of the divisional van," Senior Constable Michael Henry said. A 34-year-old Boronia man was interviewed in relation to burglary, theft and unlawful assault and will face court at a later date.
Returning to low earth orbit, I went all wrong MIA somewhere between the second cognac on last friday evening and
ytmnd. I'll update on Amy's Ride and few things later this arvo.


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