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Monday, May 29, 2006

Part One and Part Two

No cars, lots bikesPart One: Fun in the Sun when it eventually came out
Here's our pix from Sundays Cyclovia in Sydney Road, Brunswick. 'Twas grand day for Melbournes cyclists, more pictures at Cyclovia
We did it!
Cyclovia Sydney Road - Moreland, the first of its kind in Australia, was held on Sunday 28 May 2006. Around 10,000 people enjoyed a great day in Sydney Road. For 6 hours "life to the street" was a reality in Moreland.

This great Cyclovia was possible thanks to the great effort and enthusiasm of the volunteers. Thank you. The site coordinators, Alex, Juliana and Arthur, the team leaders and all the marshals along the cyclovia made possible to change Sydney Road into a great party of people of all ages.
Tomorrows commuter cyclistsGreat work from BrunsBUG, Moreland Council and everyone responsible for organising this fantastic event, now **we want** one in our area!

Part Two: Tool Time
Pay a visit to Wheels of Justice. Yes, I'm grumpy again, and so should you be too.

Newman, you fkng idiot.


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