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Thursday, June 15, 2006

cileo Twunt of the Week

a right twunt
cfsmtb management haven't awarded this illustrious award for quite a while. We haven't deemed anyone praise worthy enough. Although there's been PLENTY of competition, including the current crop of trolls currently infecting aus.bicycle with their Giant Killer Squid nonsense.

DRUMROLL ... Miranda Devine ...... COME ON DOWN !!!
Traffic hazard ahead: vegan cyclists
From the final paragraph.... But the Roads and Traffic Authority, which was also heavily influenced by Scully as transport minister, has gone from a practical and effective organisation run by engineers to a demoralised, leaderless rabble infiltrated by green activists. Instead of concentrating on building safe roads to move the most cars in the most efficient way around our city, thus reducing pollution, petrol waste, gridlock and frustration, the RTA's mantra has become "The Road is there to Share" - with the rights of cyclists, pedestrians and koalas deemed at least equal to those of motorists.

Pah! We've seen right through Miranda's insidiously cunning plagiarised? ruse - she's simply paraphased, *ahem*, borrowed a old Neil Mitchell opinion piece from two years ago. Now can we expect to see the writs flying thick and fast between News Limited and Fairfax? Or to utilise a Mel Brooks quote: “Bad taste is simply saying the truth before it should be said”. Also we've got more news for young, deluded Miranda. We'll sooner prefer a chicken schnitzel to a pakora anyday.

Miranda! Miranda, don't go up there. Come back!

.... muffled screams in the SMH carpark as Miranda discovers it's too late to stop the Giant Killer Squid that's been lurking in her petrol tank..

Updates: Further unintended hilarity and remarks, see comments to this post for a 'apparent' exchange with a flaky Carmen Miranda hotmail spambot. Laugh? I nearly bought one!

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  • Oh she is indeed a munt.

    By Blogger Armagnac Esq., at 1:52 pm, June 15, 2006  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:11 pm, June 15, 2006  

  • Ah, it all started so nicely... apparentely Carmen Miranda gently dusted our gmail inbox on Friday. Actually I believe that to be complete bollox. It was really a bored work experience student/SMH minion/spam bot. If this hotmail correspondence was in reality a 40+ educated woman attempting to imitate a "legitimate journalist"... well, er, it's rather funny, sad. Not funny ha ha.


    To Ms Devine, or her research assistant, please do some light reading. You might just learn something.

    Whether you want to or not, is quite another matter. Cycling: It pays to go Dutch


    miranda Devine Mailed-By:
    To: cf.....
    Date: 16-Jun-2006 10:56
    Subject: RE: Some light reading for Ms Devine: Cycling: It pays to go Dutch

    A population of fewer than one million people, which is dead flat and where
    people live within a ten to fifteen minute ride from their office. Does this
    describe Sydney? No. I suggest you might want to open your eyes and apply
    common sense rather than dreaming of false utopias.

    Miranda Devine
    The Sydney Morning Herald &
    The Sun-Herald
    201 Sussex Street
    Sydney 2000
    02 9282-1102

    Response send back:

    That's not you Miranda, it's one of your low paid SMH lackeys.

    Who else responds so fast from a very non-professional hotmail
    address. Get with the program, get a remailer or even a gmail address!

    Doesn't Fairfax pay you enough to fill in your working hours, other
    than to respond to proles?

    Even Anne Coulter wouldn't stoop so low!



    From: miranda Devine Mailed-By:
    Date: 16-Jun-2006 11:07
    Subject: Re: Some light reading for Ms Devine: Cycling: It pays to go Dutch

    hotmail is brilliant because I can so easily block knuckleheads like you


    Response send back:

    Oh - that withering wit of yours just floors me!

    Come on, what's your real name? You can tell me.

    Are you on work experience, has Miranda cleared off and left you all alone?

    Not nice is it?


    Then she/them/it went all quiet on us.

    By Blogger cfsmtb, at 12:49 am, June 17, 2006  

  • Oh my God. Miranda makes me a very sad panda.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:48 pm, June 19, 2006  

  • Another RWDB nutjob off her meds.

    By Anonymous JD, at 6:37 pm, June 19, 2006  

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