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Monday, August 23, 2004

Sally Robbins

Rower too exhausted to carry on The manager of Australia's women's rowing team has leapt to the defence of a member of the eights crew who stopped rowing during Sunday's Olympic final. Sally Robbins stopped rowing late in the race, leaving the Australian crew losing ground to cross the line in sixth place after going to the start line as one of the medal favourites.

One may not be an elite athlete or been in a rowing team, but Sally's got my sympathies. Several years back in 40C+ heat I collapsed off the bike while pedaling up Hoddle Street. Carted off for medical treatment, and can't remember a bloody thing of the incident.


  • Poor Sally. It's not as though she collapsed on purpose to deliberately spike the teams chance of winning. Exhaustion can make your muscles spasm, and/or lock. Or it can make you pass out.

    The team members who spoke out against her with such forceful robust remarks need a bit of soap as a mouthwash

    By Blogger Susanna, at 11:11 am, August 24, 2004  

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