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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Australians sick of public transport

Australian commuters fed up with waiting for late-running trains are taking out their frustrations on rail workers or their fellow passengers, a new survey has found. One in four have even considered changing jobs to work closer to home, according to the national study carried out in state capitals by recruitment company Talent2. Of the 1000 public transport commuters surveyed, 41 per cent said they have witnessed an act of 'public transport rage', a verbal or physical attack on a transport worker or another passenger.
Maybe other PT authorities belive a change of tactics maybe beneficial...

Melbourne transit police have started using a carrot, rather than a stick, to combat misbehaviour on the city's trains. From today, police will hand out prizes of movie tickets or fruit juice vouchers to commuters who give up their place to an elderly person, don't litter, or keep their feet off the seat in front of them. The joint initiative between Victoria Police and transport company Connex will be trialled for two weeks on all train lines.