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Friday, September 10, 2004

City drives the message home

From trams to road tolls, rail station revamps to state-of-the-art bus systems, Edinburgh is the subject of a vast array of plans to keep its residents on the move. But with so many schemes on the drawing board, the Capital's citizens could be forgiven for being completely confused as to what's happening when and how - and therefore whether they agree with particular plans or not.

Now the city's leaders are aiming to solve that with a huge publicity blitz bringing all the different plans together in one marketing drive called Transport Edinburgh.

Ahhh, another fascinating story from O/S relating to how cities & communities are dealing with transportation issues. Love to post this to the CM-Melb list, yeah, sit back, wait a few short moments until the usual hypersensitive trolls scribble infantile remarks. yyyyyaaaaaaaawwwwnnnnnnn