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Friday, September 10, 2004

International Car Free Day Stuff

Citizens to eschew driving
A small group of Chapel Hill and Carrboro public officials gathered Tuesday morning to discuss plans for World Car-Free Day, which will be held Sept. 22 and celebrated locally. On World Car-Free Day, local citizens will be urged to use alternative modes of transportation, such as walking or utilizing public transit systems.

3rd European Mobility Week
Following on from its widespread success, not just European but worldwide, the third edition of the European Mobility Week will be held from 16 to 22 September. This year the central focus is on safer streets for children.

Participating local authorities will organise every day an event, which will bring their existing policies on sustainable urban mobility to the fore, raising awareness among citizens of the damage that current mobility trends can generate on the environment and the quality of life. These events will also serve to build new partnerships between different local actors in the associative and business sectors, in order to ensure the continuation of such initiatives. Their participation in European Mobility Week means that the local authorities will become part of not only a Europewide campaign but a worldwide campaign sharing a common goal: to promote a genuine policy of sustainable urban mobility. Currently 19 countries, of which 15 are members of the EU, have confirmed their participation.