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Monday, September 13, 2004

Transport and Energy

The excellent CenterLines on line newsletter.
"In healthy communities, walking and bicycling are a normal, routine part of daily life. In these 'active community environments' the community leaders and citizens recognize that providing for active living through community design is a health issue as well as a quality of life issue.

This site tells you how to help create neighbor-hoods and communities where people walk and bicycle. This doesn't just mean sidewalks, bikelanes and trails, though these will certainly be elements of an overall plan.

Creating active community environments means taking a look at the broader scope of where there are and aren't opportunities to walk and bicycle safely, easily, and conveniently."

Tragedy strikes happy band of teens
A close-knit group of friends has been torn apart by a tragic accident that left two teenagers dead and two others fighting for their lives. James Haddow, 19, and his 17-year-old flatmate Renee Short were killed when their car, carrying five teenagers, was hit by a four-wheel drive in Shepparton in Victoria early yesterday.

Government of Western Australia Experiences the Future of Transportation with Ballard Powered Fuel Cell Buses
Ballard Power Systems' (NASDAQ:BLDP) (TSX:BLD) President and Chief Executive Officer, Dennis Campbell, was present with various industry and government officials for the inaugural launch of three Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses, powered with Ballard(R) heavy-duty fuel cell engines, in Perth, Western Australia.

"The commissioning of these three buses powered with Ballard(R) fuel cells puts Western Australia at the forefront of the most dramatic and sweeping transformation in the history of motor transport," said Dennis Campbell, Ballard's President and Chief Executive Officer. "Ballard(R) fuel cells produce electrical power without combustion, and without the urban pollutants and greenhouses gases that threaten our quality of life. The Government of Western Australia is to be commended for its leadership and commitment to zero emission urban transit, as the public transport system prepares for a two-year demonstration of Ballard-powered fuel cell buses."

Environmental Pact: Cities join ranks over pollution
Baguio, Chiang Mai team up to fight deadly fumes. Chiang Mai - Baguio City in the Philippines has forged a technical partnership with Chiang Mai, its counterpart upland resort in Thailand, agreeing to work together for 'sustainable transport' and focusing on transport policies and the promotion of alternative fuel to curb urban pollution, according to a Philippine newspaper.
The two cities have agreed to share experiences and expertise in the reduction of vehicle exhaust emissions and explore the promotion of non-motorised transport such as bicycles, reported the Sun Star Baguio.

Glib comments don't mean nuclear energy safe
"As a Brattleboro resident and college professor teaching energy technologies, I question the glib pronouncements that nuclear energy is 'clean, safe and dependable.' The public statements from the self-proclaimed pro-business Vermont community led by Gov. Douglas could not be further from the truth. Dependable? Uranium is a finite natural resource, just like fossil fuels. U.S. production of uranium ore peaked in 1980 and has been reduced to a trickle. Today, over 90 percent of the fissionable fuel 'burned' in U.S. nuclear plants is imported - be it mined, refined, machined or fabricated in a complex web of operations beyond our borders."

peak oil - running on empty
"i have a car driving friend that would never refuel until the reserve light had been on for a while and the fuel gauge needle was resting at the bottom. she told me that she couldn't stand filling up and also enjoyed the thrill of wondering whether she would make it to the gas station without the car coming to a spluttering halt. "don't worry, she'd tell me, it hasn't happened yet, i think i have an automotive guardian angel". this was until we were on a service station free stretch of the m25 when the unthinkable happened and i was volunteered to get fuel in the empty emergency canister. empty since the last time she'd run out and had emptied its contents."