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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Cycling, Car Free & related stuff

Lexus driver added to suspects
THE hunt for the four-wheel-drive that hit father-of-two Matthew Coley and left him for dead has been widened to include a Lexus LX470.
Inspector Chris Thomas said the Lexus model had the same chassis as the late model 100 series Toyota Land Cruisers.

Spaniard set for round-the-world cycling
A Spanish clown is preparing to bicycle around the world in eight years, EFE reported Friday. Equipped with a new bike and 110 pounds of luggage, including a tent, a portable shower, cooking utensils and even a solar panel to charge his camera, Alvaro Neil will take his show on the road to other locales, showing off his comedic and juggling skills with 'whatever I find on the way.'

On yer bike, train companies told unwanted cyclists
Many Victorian men and women were keen cyclists. From 1880 onwards the country was in the grip of a cycling craze. It was the first time ordinary people could travel any distance independently, and not have to rely on coach or train. Not that cyclists stopped using the trains. When they set out on long cycling holidays or just travelling to work, they were quite willing to let the train take the strain as long as it didn't cost them any extra to take their bikes with them. After all, wasn't a bicycle just another item of personal luggage? The railway companies disagreed and many companies charged for carrying cycles, and often charged high prices. Cyclists resented these charges. They were not happy.

Pedaling for a Cause
'I'm very proud of being 64,' said Tim Evers of Groton, citing past health concerns. 'About five years ago I had triple bypass surgery.' Now, fully recovered, he is celebrating his health by raising money to help people suffering from AIDS. Next week Evers will participate in the third annual Connecticut AIDS bike tour, a 350-mile cycling jaunt through the state, which will raise money for agencies that support people with HIV/AIDS. Evers will be a day rider, meaning he will be riding only one day of the five-day tour. He will ride on Sept. 10, covering 80 miles of the route, following the coast from New Haven to Old Lyme, and then turning north to end in Norwich.

Car-Free Campaign
West Devon Borough Council is gearing up for a car-free day later this month. Councillors and staff are staging a series of events on September 22 to promote transport alternatives in a bid to help reduce dependency on the car.

UK - Different Ways To Travel
People will be encouraged to try out cycling, walking, car sharing, public transport and river boats during Kingston's Good Going Week. The week-long series of events which start on Wednesday are part of a London-wide campaign enticing people away from their cars and into the other forms of sustainable transport on offer. The week kicks off with a Road Safety and Travel Awareness Treasure Hunt which can be enjoyed by both parents and children.

Disabled cyclists put courage on display
Real cyclists don't always use their legs. Charlie Wittwer of Cloquet doesn't. Neither does Angie McDonald of Duluth, nor Scott Moore of Two Harbors. When these athletes ride 25 miles from Two Harbors to Duluth today, they'll be using their arms. Each will be riding a handcycle during the Courage Duluth Mixed Abilities Bike Tour, which celebrates the organization's 25th anniversary.