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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Transport & Energy

Planet Ark : Ford says gasoline prices hurting big SUV sales

High U.S. gasoline prices are hurting the sales of one of Ford Motor Co.'s (F.N: Quote, Profile, Research) highly profitable sport utility vehicles, the automaker said this week. Sales of the Ford Expedition, a full-sized SUV that gets about 16 miles per gallon, fell 23 percent in August and are down nearly 13 percent year-to-date despite heavy consumer incentives. Ford offers $4,000 cash back on the SUV, which received a major make-over two years ago.

Prescott is still backing trams
Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has weighed into the Metrolink debate by insisting the tram network has been a success. Mr Prescott said the future of the 'Big Bang' extension - cancelled without notice by Transport Secretary Alistair Darling - was still up for grabs. And he cast doubt on Mr Darling's insistence the extension had become too expensive by praising Metrolink's impact on the region's wider economy. 'It is a live issue,' he said.

Macquarie Bank and Novera plan for energy JV
Macquarie Bank has made a move into the competitive renewable energy market via a partnership with Sydney company Novera Energy. Novera Energy and the Macquarie Bank today announced plans for a 50-50 joint venture to own and operate sustainable energy assets overseas. The two companies have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to create an entity, which will build a portfolio of sustainable energy assets with initial focus in the United Kingdom.

Sustainable energy is nature's gift
The planet provides energy in different forms. It's up to us to choose how effectively and cleanly we harness nature's gift to feed our growing need for power. The latest issue of RTD info looks at what Europe is doing to keep the home lights burning.

Record oil imports widen trade deficit
Britain became a net importer of oil for the first in more than a decade in July, as imports of crude hit their highest level on record, government figures showed yesterday. In the latest portent of the end of the era of North Sea oil, the UK imported >61m - or 410,000 tonnes - more oil than it exported. Its >694m import bill was an all-time record.

Bush: Global Warming Is Just Hot Air
'Don't expect President Bush to discuss global warming -- the world's most serious environmental problem -- on the campaign trail in the next eight weeks. The former oilman from Texas doesn't dare alienate his friends in the fossil fuel and auto industries, prime purveyors of global warming. Bush still refuses to admit that burning Chevron with Techron in our Jeep Grand Cherokees, not to mention megatons of coal in our power plants, has brought us 19 of the 20 hottest years on record since 1980.

It's been a disappointing summer for global warming alarmists
Hollywood, Mother Nature and the media just haven't cooperated. Even with the unusual situation of two successive hurricanes pounding Florida and another bearing down imminently, global warming hysteria seems to be on ice for now. The summer began with so much promise for the climate control crowd with the release of the global warming disaster movie, 'The Day After Tomorrow.' While the movie made plenty of money, global warming activists wanted much more than that. They hoped the movie would foment global warming hysteria in the same way that 'The China Syndrome' and 'Silkwood' contributed to public sentiment against nuclear power plants.