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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Town Bikes put the pedal to the metal

Town Bikes put the pedal to the metal
It's about slapstick, lipstick and a name that stuck, writes Angela Blakston. Not everyone gets to have fun wearing kooky costumes and dancing on stage with their favourite bands. In this way, Carla Yamine and Gabi Barton, aka The Town Bikes , have it made.

But it's a Wednesday and that means planning and rehearsals for the Bikes; less fun and more work. Yamine has walked the two doors from her Northcote home to Barton's, where they are checking posters and travel itineraries, getting ready for their one-month US journey with American blues eccentric Bob Log III.

'Our first gig is in Tucson, Arizona, at an all-girl roller derby . . . It's going to be an interesting road trip; riddled with delirium and truck stops,' says Barton. 'Apparently Bob has this thing about the (food) vouchers at truck stops and that's how he plans his day, around these vouchers.'

Saw Bob Log III a couple of years back in Melbourne, seriously one of the hyper gigs I've ever witnessed. Apparentely the gig he played before was even more quality, Bob chucked up inside the visor of the miked up crash helmet he was wearing. And kept singing. Yaaaa for low-brow culture!!!!

Not to be confused with that other Melbourne website. Hmmmm, did someone take offence?