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Monday, September 13, 2004

Yet more cycling stuff

Adding in this at the top, some some mongrel/mongrels did a major bike heist on Bike Now during the weekend. May the fleas of a thousand smelly cattle dawgs invade their armpits and may their wheel sets be easily buckled....

Velocity in the papers - Duo ride trade cycle
For a bloke who makes bike parts, it's surprising that Grant Smith rides home 28km on a hybrid road-mountain cycle he reckons lacks a professional's fancy accessories. 'Those guys that have all the good gear, I reckon they're cheating,' the businessman joked. Parts, including high-quality rims, are what Mr Smith and his business partner (and neighbour) Tom Black make at their company, Velocity, and they are even taking a shot at a Queensland exporting award.

Fun and informative Bicycling Web Site "A Cycling Website for those of the Road Persuasion by: Mike Munk (a hopeless roadie)"

Re-Born to Ride - At 57 years of age, when most men start taking up the game of golf, James Hallmark took up bike riding.

US - A Letter to the Editor....Bicycles have a right to be on the road
Dear Editor:
I'm writing this letter to get the message out and maybe save a life. The reason why? Bicycles and cars must share the road. Over a number of years, cars have hit a few of my friends. All of them were riding on the road and over to the far right of the lane as the law requires. The mirror of the passing car hit them. It happened again.

The side mirror of a car hit my friend. She had on a helmet, bright clothes so cars could see her and a flashing taillight on during the day just to be extra safe. While waiting on the ambulance to arrive due to her injuries, a law officer on the scene asked my friend 'how many cars had to swerve around you?' and other questions to let her know he felt she should not be on the road.