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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Cycling benefit + Mass News

Cycling benefits 'outweigh deaths'
The benefits of regular bike riding outweighed the loss of life through cycling accidents, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said today. About 35 cyclists die on Australian roads each year, but a recently published report said while the risks of cycling should not be ignored, they must be considered with the benefits.

Story on BikeBiz:
Lid law land agrees that health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks
In the early 1990s, Australia became the first country to introduce compulsory cycle helmet legislation. A new report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau agrees with Mayer Hillman: despite speeding cars and thundering juggernauts, it's healthier to cycle than not cycle. Admitting that helmet compulsion is still 'contentious', the ATSB reveals that 'the vast majority of cyclist deaths occur on public roads and involve a motor vehicle,' the type of crash profile cycle helmets are not designed to protect from.

"Lid law land" WTF??? Cripes, those Poms are just soooo witty....further discussion on aus.bicycle here.

Melbourne Indymedia:
New York Critical Mass also hassled
Just like the Critical Mass not allowed to go near Burnley tunnel media and police FEAR frenzy the NYC Mayor has laid down the law. Is this a conspiract against Critical Mass a coincidence or just a global crack down on autonomous 'disorganisations' ? Follows is NYC cops leaflet to disinfo citizens. NYC: Bloomberg Declares War on Cyclists. Sixteen cyclists were arrested in Manhattan on the night of the monthly Critical Mass bike ride, police said.

San Francisco Examiner:
Critical Mass collides with U.S. police:
Critical Mass, the monthly bike takeover, has been a ritual in New York for the past few years, closely monitored by police but rarely controversial -- until August.

New York Daily News:
Cyclists face highest risk at downtown crossroads
How did the bicyclist cross Tillary St. in downtown Brooklyn? Very, very carefully. The intersection of Tillary and Adams Sts. is the most dangerous in Brooklyn for cyclists, according to a new analysis of citywide traffic accidents released by Transportation Alternatives.