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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Trouble at Mill, again

Mentioned last week on this blog, 6,500 low end bikes, 600kms, hmmmm....

GVBR - Rumours - from aus.bicycle
A friend's son is on the current Great Victorian Bike Ride. He's done it before so he knows what to expect. However, when he rang home the other day, he wasn't happy. Queues are longer than they have ever been before. I heard that there are about 8000 riders this year. Yikes! I did it in 2000 and there were around 3000 and I thought that was too many.

Anyone heard similar complaints about numbers this year. Does Bicycle Victoria need to limit the number of riders?"

Great Victoria Bike Ride - from aus.bicycle

"A female caller to Radio 3AW Rumour file today suggested that a number of riders had withdrawn blaming overcrowded facilities. Anyone know about this?"