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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Most Beautiful Bicycle Photo In The World

On a Bicycle Built for ?, 1981. Photo: Bruce Howard

Link from aus.bicycle>>A great picture from the age.
The above image is part of photos from a
new exhibition at the National Library in Canberra called In a New Light: Australian Photography 1930s-2000
Ahhhh!!!! My favourite bicycle photo ever!!!
It was originally published in either the Herald or Sun in 1981.
It can also be found published in "Moments in Time - Great Images of the 20th Century", in a double spread on pages 212-213. Found this book up for sale when working down at Webb Dock, you know the workplace book sales where you can browse & pay when the sales rep visits once a week etc.
Caption: "Pootchie gets a 360-degree view and plenty of fresh air as owner Beverly Whitehurst of Williamstown, takes her mother, Elsie, and the dog on a shopping trip in 1981".
Unbelievably bloody inspirational! Wonder what Bev is up to now? Who built that amazing rig?