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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Go J.K.!!!!

The 2004 Meredith Gift

"....J.K. is a man obsessed with the world's stupidest foot race, The Meredith Gift. The Meredith Gift began eleven years ago when a band was late to arrive at the Festival. The organisers being a resourceful bunch thought they'd encourage the festival crowd to entertain themselves with a nude footrace across the amphitheatre. Several years on and now a Festival icon, the Gift has turned into one man's obsession.

J.K. is that man. After running second place four times, J.K. has been left nude and unfulfilled too many times.

After some correspondence with the judges in 2002 (see below), J.K. was awarded the coveted Golden Jocks but followed this contentious win (he was first to grab the Golden Jocks after there was a false start in which a huge pack of runners broke, he came first in that pack) with a crushing defeat in 2003, coming a familiar second. After basking in his nude glory and scaling the dizzying heights of celebrity in 2002, it was a deflated J.K. in 2003. ...."